The Big Laugh Opens With Black Market Trio

The Big Laugh Opens With Black Market Trio

The Big Laugh ( is a local comedy show produced by Lizette Mizelle (a funny comedian as well), a resident of Paso Robles, CA.

This year, The Big Laugh was bigger than ever - with over 500 people at a SELLOUT show!

Black Market Trio opened the show with a mixture of funk, jazz, and latin-jazz songs much to the pleasure of the crowd while everyone got their drinks and found their seats. When Scott Andrews, leader of Black Market Trio, hollered out "who wants to hear one more?" One woman yelled back, "We don't one ONE more we want THREE more!" So, three more it was! Everyone got their drinks, took their seats (including the trio), and got ready to laugh.

What an absolutely splendid show. The comedians were insanely funny. In fact, I laughed so hard my gut almost split open! Headlining comedians included Lizette Mizelle, Marc Yaffe, Katsy Chappell, Mike E. Winfield, Mark Pitta, and Jen Kober closed the show.

From the back row, as one looked over the crowd, the spectacle was incredible: a packed-out event center and everyone laughing so hard! We truly cannot wait for the next one!!!

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