Booking Black Market Trio

There are several ways to book the band.

1. Call Scott at 805-459-6939 to book Black Market Trio. (Please have the details below ready to share when you call):

2. Email us at BlackMarketTrio @ (without the spaces) or use the form below.

When calling / emailing please share details of your event:
Desired Time:
Desired Set Length: (choices: 45 minute set - 1 hour set - 2 hour set  -  3 hour set)
Event Location:
Special Load-in Instructions/Challenges:
Event Description:
Is this a repeat Event:

Is food/drink provided:

We also have a profile at Gig Salad, where you can read reviews from those who have booked us at various shows:

Thank you!

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For Sound Engineers

For sound engineers at festivals, larger concerts, and premiere events where you're running our sound, please provide:

One quality mic for speaking to the audience w/XLR out and mic stand.

High quality instrument mic and XLR cable and mic stand.

Any mic required to amplify bass from your stage.

Drum/Conga Kit:
Black Market Trio plays with two congas, two bongos, one kick drum, one hat/block, and one cymbal as a drum kit.

When we run our own PA, we mic the kick drum, and put an SM57 over the left conga which usually is sufficient to pick up the kit properly.