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"Who is this band?"

The "warm havana nights" sound of Scott Andrews' sizzlin' saxophone, James Gallardo's cookin' bass, and Sean Sullivan's hot bongo and conga drums fill the air with a headstrong and cool confidence.

You know you have heard many of these songs before...back in the days when martini's were standard nooner fare... but have you heard them played like this?

It's a whole new re-imagined sound, the playing especially gentle yet fiery, the counterpoint deft and delicate, the sound so damn "cool" that you have to call it that, recreated in a trio form - minimalist style - by three masterful musicians who swing, funk, and pound out a conga dance like no other within miles from the Central Coast of California.

Since 2005, Black Market Trio enlivens events, parties, wine and art gatherings, festivals, premiere stage events, corporate events, benefits, house parties, and more.

If you are not yet a Black Market Trio fan, you will be after one experience. You may even decide to take up the saxophone, bass, or bongo drums yourself - their enthusiasm for their crafty rhythms is that infectious - and practice 'til your fingers get blood-blisters and your wrists carpel tunnel syndrome. But don't say you weren't warned!

Black Market Trio can stylishly blend in the background or come to the forefront and bring the dancers alive with taboo-influenced, rhythmic saxophone-screamin', cowbell-beatin', bass-thumpin' Latin Fever!

It's a vibe that will last in the memories of each guest long after the event is over.

"Who is this band?" they ask.


"Don't say you weren't warned!"

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Black Market Trio

Black Market Trio

Line-up & Details

Scott Andrews - Saxophones / Vocals / Percussion / Keys
James Gallardo - Acoustic Bass
Sean Sullivan - Congas / Bongos / Other Percussion

Special Guests & Alternates include:
Justin Perkins / Percussion & Pans
James Balsiero - Congas & BongosDarrell Voss - Drums / Percussion / Vibraphone / Bongos
Rob Price - Drums / Percussion

Teddy Ramirez - Drums & Bongos

Matthew "Mingus" Evans - Acoustic Bass

Spencer Chase Patrick Hutton - Acoustic Bass / Electric Bass
Joe Duran - Electric Bass

Rick Collins - Congas

Tim Costa - Congas

Dylan Johnson - Acoustic Bass
Talia Ortega - Flute / Vocal

Lounge, Jazz, Afro-Cuban, Funk, Salsa, Latin Jazz, Bossa Nova, Exotica, Mambo, Boogaloo, New Orleans

Or, in other words, the sound of sweet, golden-flecked sensuality crossed with dynamic hip churnin' music.

Black Market Trio shows comprise original and cover songs you will recognize from cool jazz, lounge, funk, afro, latin, exotica, space age pop, Dixieland and bossa nova eras.

San Luis Obispo, CA

Record Label:

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