Cops shut down Black Market Trio?

Can you believe it? The police showed up at our performance Friday night and literally "pulled the plug" on our music during our performance of "Night in Tunisia" at Ian Saude Gallery. This is a first for Black Market Trio. Normally, associated with class, polish, and a bit of naughtiness, but still, people were loving the music when this happened. One of our fans commented "this should never happen to you.... it's just wrong!"

Ask us if you think the "noise ordinance" in SLO is excessive. We believe it is. Street music is what makes a town alive. If you cannot play on the street - yes, amplified - then where is the SOUL of the city? We are grateful for all of our fans who came out to hear Black Market Trio on Thursday and Friday this week!

On a more positive note, part of our performance at Palazzo Guiseppe on "Exotica Thursday" was recorded and is now posted in our "VIDEOS" tab.

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