Black Market Trio gets Exotic at Kelsey Winery

Black Market Trio - you know you want to hear it... that's 60's sound revisited... mambo, cha cha, bolero, tango, exotica, 60's jet-setting music, and funk.
Did we just say all of that - in one show? Yep, we did. It happens again at Kelsey Winery in See Canyon.

Who: Black Market Trio - with Scott Andrews (saxes), Joe Duran (bass), Sean Sullivan (congas/percussion)

Where: Kelsey Winery at See Canyon

When: March 13, 2016 1:30PM - 4:30PM

Bring a group of friends, get your table early - we always stack the place up!! They have great wine, food, and fun people at Kelsey!

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